What's new in the world of creative automations? 👀

Creative automation isn't just a fleeting trend, it's here to stay and steadily improving every day. 

So, what does this mean for the world and, more importantly, for your business? It means a shift in the traditional creative flow is coming, demanding evolution to survive the natural selection process. Creative automation software is poised to tackle repetitive and mundane tasks, bridging the content gap and transforming your creative landscape.

Translation: high-volume advertising initiatives are about to level up – faster, smarter, and more scalable than ever.

According to a Forrester study, 77% of marketers are already onboard, recognizing that an automated digital advertising strategy is the competitive edge they need. It's crucial to grasp the true utility of this software because, without a clear understanding, some marketers might hesitate to integrate it into their strategy. Moreover, unlocking the potential of this tool liberates valuable time for creative ideation, as it efficiently automates the tedious design tasks that once bogged down massive advertising campaigns.

Curious about how it works its magic? Here is an example of how Creative Automation can revolutionize the graphic design workflow of a team!

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Prima PMI sets a new standard in Melbourne with the introduction of ten cutting-edge Ricoh 9500 printers, a game-changer in the world of efficient and high-quality printing. With a focus on automation, high-speed output, and consistent quality, the Ricoh Pro C9500 machines are designed to future-proof commercial printing and backup Prima PMI on the automation boom.

Are we really getting smarter or just caught in a cycle of our own creation? Have you ever wondered about the true impact of our tech-driven lives? Does more automation really translate into a better future? And if so, why? Here's your week's food for thought. 

Print.com has set the stage for a major industry shake-up by acquiring TMB Image Center in Oss. This strategic move promises to redefine the landscape of print services. Discover the implications and potential transformations that this acquisition brings to the forefront and how Print.com is making its chain "future-proof". 

Esko, a leader in packaging solutions, has teamed up with Packitoo to introduce an innovative automated packaging sales tool. This collaboration brings forth a powerful tool that not only serves as the most comprehensive packaging configurator but also encompasses CRM, project management, and automated pricing. By automating structural design, cost estimation, and approval processes, HIPE, fueled by Esko's automation, significantly reduces time-to-market, minimizes errors, and optimizes profitability. Unpack the details of this collaboration and its impact on the industry.

CloudPrinter unveils a game-changing connector, seamlessly linking cloud printing with the e-commerce giant Amazon, setting the stage for a new era in printing and order fulfillment.

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