What's New This Week in Creative Automation?⚡

Your Weekly Roundup of Creative Automation News!

👉What NOT to worry about this week in creative automation:

  • Your business becoming self-optimizing all on its own.

👉What TO worry about this week in creative automation:

  • Ensuring your AI collaborator doesn't outshine your own creative spark.

  • Keeping your digital toolbox updated to stay ahead in the AI arms race.

AI and Industry 4.0: A Triple Threat in Automation

The future's knocking, and it's AI and Industry 4.0 decked out in their finest. Forbes is spotlighting the triple threat these two giants are posing in the automation arena, especially in how they’re reshaping automation engineering roles and merging disciplines like never before.

Is A Reality Check Due for Manufacturers? 

It's a digital jungle out there, and according to the latest from Design News, many manufacturers are finding themselves lost without a map. The heart of the matter is a widespread lack of understanding when it comes to digital systems, a significant (to put it lightly) barrier to embracing Industry 4.0's full potential. With an industry moving faster and faster, maybe it could be time for a reality check.

Step-By-Step: A Guide to Self-Optimizing Businesses

The not-so-secret recipe for future-proofing your business: a delightful mix of AI, machine learning, and analytics, is paving the way for businesses to not just react to change, but to anticipate and thrive on it. But, you can't work the muscles without the proper skeleton in place. Check out the five stages that businesses must go through to achieve the ultimate automized state.

As the cookie crumbles, it's time to spice up your marketing game and serve your app on a silver platter of innovation. With traditional tracking methods fading, the focus shifts to leveraging data and technology in innovative ways, ensuring that every ad not only reaches its intended audience but resonates on a personal level. The future of app marketing is here, embracing the challenge with tools that predict, adapt, and captivate, crafting messages that are as unique as the users themselves and AppsFlyer's Creative Optimization product could be the answer your business needs to cut creative costs and save hours of work on optimizing campaigns.

The New Engineering Titans are Here

Implicit modeling, generative design, and AI are the new titans of engineering. They're shaping an era where designs transform with unprecedented freedom, and thousands of solutions surface instantly, each optimized not just for function but for the future. Yet, as each challenge is conquered, another looms on the horizon…

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