What's New in Creative Automation? 👀

Your Weekly Roundup of Creative Automation News!

When robots start demanding coffee breaks, you know automation has gone too far.

But until then, let’s enjoy what the world of automation has in store for us this week!

👉What NOT to worry about this week in creative automation:

  • Getting lost in overly complex automation tools, since Zapier is set on making it as easy as possible.

  • Running out of your favorite brews!

👉What TO worry about this week in creative automation:

  • AI photoshopping your belly button and maybe even redesigning your look.

Code Red on These Careers: Are You On The List?

Alarm bells are ringing. Think your job is safe from automation? Check out which careers might be on the tech chopping block in the next decade. It's high time to evaluate, upskill, and maybe this could be finally the time to buddy up with the bots!

How Do You Take The Risk Out of Robots?

Small to medium sized manufacturers are the backbone of the economy with 600,000 small manufacturers in the United States representing 99% of all manufacturing enterprises. But investing in robotics doesn't have to be a leap into the unknown. Discover strategies for small manufacturers to integrate robots without the drama.

Zapier is Making Automation Simple for all!

Zapier has launched a brand new automation platform, making automation accessible for over 600,000 businesses. It's like giving superpowers to your operations – minus the cape. Two products just dropped - Zapier Tables which offers an intuitive way to organize and manage data, while Zapier Interfaces provides a user-friendly interface to create customized workflows.

In Australia a Channel Was Accused of Photoshopping and Sexualizing a Picture of an Elected Official and They Blamed It on... AI

A recent incident in Australia serves as reminder of the ethical responsibilities that come with digital image manipulation. A media channel faced backlash after photoshopping and inappropriately altering an image of an elected official, sparking a widespread scandal. Adobe, caught in the crosshairs as the go-to software for the digital mishap, didn't just sit back. They jumped into the fray, reminding everyone that with great power (read: software) comes great responsibility.

Bell’s Brewery Ups Its Tech Game

Bell's Brewery is stirring the pot – or should we say, the beer vat – in a big way. This brewing giant isn't just about hops and barley anymore; they're diving headfirst into the tech pool. Their latest move? Pouring millions into ramping up packaging automation at their Comstock Township facility. It's a bold leap into the future of brewing, blending age-old craft with cutting-edge robotics.

And that's your scoop for the week in the world of creative automation! Remember, keep your software updated and your humor software even more so.

Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and insights as we step into the future👋