This Week in Creative Automation: What to Stress (or Not) About!

Your Weekly Roundup of Creative Automation News!

Great news everybody!

The robots aren't after your creative gigs just yet. Keep bringing that human flair...

AI is learning fast but still has to get over the ropes.

What NOT to worry about this week in creative automation: 

👉AI taking your job

👉Despite the advancements, we're still a long way from AI bosses. Phew!

Thing TO worry about this week in creative automation: 

👉Vroom vroom! Cars are being built by robots – it's efficient, but where does that leave human craftsmanship?

👉As AI grows, so do ethical dilemmas. If the world we live in is impacted by unfair data what sort of AI are we creating? (just a thought on this one)

Let's jump right into the good stuff!

The Real Reason AI Won't Be Taking Your Creative Job

The only thing that scares us more than building AI so powerful that it can kill us with one look, it's building them smarter than us. How else will they be taking our jobs? Well, you can relax for now (as long as you keep being a creative). If you need some solid stats to believe it, read on... 

💭Thought of the day: AI might be able to write a fun marketing campaign, but will it understand why everyone hates Comic Sans? Doubtful. 

AI is shaking things up... literally! 

If you thought the peak of AI innovation was self-driving cars, think again! Automated cell shakers are shaking up the lab world, expanding at an impressive 3.4% CAG

Built in AI land? 

Cars are getting built by robots, and we're not talking about Transformers. With labor costs rising, the auto industry is automating fast but there's more than robotic arms to watch out for here...

MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2: Slick Automation

Move over, cup holders, there's a new star in car accessories! The MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2 is redefining what we expect from our everyday gadgets. More than just a charger, it combines practicality with advanced technology. Its NFC-powered Shortcuts automation adds a new layer of convenience, allowing you to automate tasks like playing music or navigating with a simple tap.

What's next now that AI is mainstream? 

From enhancing creativity in advertising to revolutionizing consumer engagement through AI influencers, AI's potential is unfolding in diverse and surprising ways. The blending of AI with augmented reality (AR) is particularly exciting, promising immersive experiences that were once the stuff of science fiction. Yet, as AI becomes more integrated into our daily routines, ethical considerations and the need for transparent, responsible use of technology come to the forefront. Read More…

That’s it for this week's scoop in Creative Automations! Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and insights, and remember, in the realm of automation, we're always stepping into the future. 👋