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In a world where every tweet, post, and podcast is buzzing with the latest OpenAI and Google IO revelations, we’ve decided to buck the trend. Let’s skip the tech gossip du jour and chat about something less ubiquitous—like a caffeinated bull in a china shop.

If we’re already wowed by what AI is bringing to the table now, just imagine the banquet of brain-boggling innovations still on the menu. Every week, AI cooks up a new batch of genius, human-centered ideas, and we're here with the serving spoon ready to dish them out to you!

😇 What NOT to worry

  • Forget swimming through a sea of plastic for a tiny item—Amazon’s AI is sizing down to the nitty-gritty.

  • Randy Travis’ AI-assisted vocals mean your playlist might just get a new (old) hit. AI isn't stealing the show, it’s reviving the legends.

😢 What TO worry

  • While AI helps you pack and design better, keep an eye on how much data it's digging through. Privacy, please!


Think Inside The Box: How Amazon’s AI Trims Down 60,000 Tons of Cardboard Waste

Ever found yourself pondering the cosmic irony of a tiny kitchen gadget arriving in a box big enough for a microwave? You’re not alone.

Until recently, choosing the right-sized box was just another day's work for Amazon’s busy warehouse packers. But thanks to Amazon’s new Package Decision Engine (PDE), those days are numbered.

This intelligent system employs computer vision and natural language processing to analyze each product's dimensions and needs, ensuring that packaging is no larger than necessary. It might not be the most flashy use of AI, but it’s sure solving big problems.

Learn How AI Impacts Strategy with MIT

As AI technology continues to advance, businesses are facing new challenges and opportunities across the board. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding how AI can impact your business strategy.

In the MIT Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy online short course you’ll gain:

  • Practical knowledge and a foundational understanding of AI's current state

  • The ability to identify and leverage AI opportunities for organizational growth

  • A focus on the managerial rather than technical aspects of AI to prepare you for strategic decision making

Music & Entertainment

Is That Really Randy Travis?

Country music icon Randy Travis hits the charts once again with "Where That Came From," but this time, it's AI hitting some of those high notes…

11 years after a stroke left the legend unable to sing properly, he’s now back with his producer Kyle Lehning, an unnamed AI model and a surrogate singer to deliver his latest track bringing that classic baritone tune we love back to music.

Design Engineering

Would You Choose AI to Be Your Product Development Partner?

There's no denying the inherent challenges and risks within AI. Yet, stepping away from doomsday scenarios of AI dominance, some visionary thinkers are exploring how to harness this potent tool as our ultimate ally (think Jarvis from Iron Man). From automating tedious coding to simulating user interactions, AI tools can be less about taking over and more about offering a creative boost.

Scott Thielman, CTO of Product Creation Studio and a newly-minted professor, unveils the potential for AI to augment the design process without taking the wheel in this insightful interview.

MaxAI.me - Do more Faster with 1-Click AI

MaxAI.me lets you chat with GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini 1.5. You can also perfect your writing anywhere, save 90% of your reading & watching time with AI summary, and reply 10x faster on email & social media.


$349.99 For New Meta Advertising Tools?

Meta's latest reveal puts a fresh price on visibility: the new AI advertising tools not only enhance ad creation but come with a revamped subscription model for businesses aiming to stand out on Instagram. The introduction of tiered pricing in the 'Meta Verified for Businesses' program reflects a strategic move to tailor services to various business sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to larger corporations.

With plans ranging from $14.99 to $349.99 per month, Meta promises more than just a blue checkmark—proactive monitoring and strategic insights are part of the package, helping businesses maximize their social media impact. But will the ROI validate the expenditure, or is this just another clever way to monetize digital real estate?

Product Development

Nike Is Sprinting Towards A New LLM

Who better to pioneer athletic design AI than Nike?

Armed with exclusive athlete performance data, Nike is prepping for the Paris 2024 Olympics with a groundbreaking project dubbed Athlete Imagined Revolution (AIR).

This initiative showcases personalized gear for 13 top athletes, crafted through a unique blend of generative AI and digital fabrication. By feeding athlete preferences into AI models, Nike generates a plethora of design concepts, which are then precision-crafted into final forms using 3D sketching and printing. It's not just about faster shoes; it's about smarter, athlete-customized innovation.


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