Microsoft Lifts the Veil on Its AI Ethics

AI Transparency, AI Models and More!

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This week is truly special for AI world, as we get to see directly into the brain of a giga-company into how exactly they are using the power of AI responsibly.

Join us as we explore groundbreaking developments that are setting new standards for transparency and ethical use and the hottest new AI development in the creative sphere!

šŸ˜‡ What NOT to worry

  • Waiting in that dreaded casting call queue.

  • Buying a rotted banana from Walmart, since AI will have disposed of it.

šŸ˜¢ What TO worry

  • AI stealing your little gold man!


Microsoft Gives Us a Look Into Their Responsible AI Efforts

CuriousĀ about what companies are building with your data and how they are using AI to build their products?

Transparency, accountability, fairness, inclusiveness, reliability and safety, and privacy and security: this is what Microsoft has promised as they pull back the curtain with their first-ever Transparency Report. See how they are shaping the future of responsible AI through their own insights and in-depth case studies.Ā 

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Social Media Marketing & AI

Outsmarting The AI Social Media Apocalypse

Feeling lost in a sea of AI-generated memes and endless echo chambers? Struggling to make your social media content stand out and beat the algorithm? Join the club...Ā 

Thankfully, marketing titanĀ Mari SmithĀ and author ofĀ The Wolf Is at the Door, Ben Angel, got together for an epic podcast episode that will help you up your game despiteĀ AIĀ looming influence. Discover how to dodge deep fakes, sidestep AI pitfalls, and craft content that resonates with real humans.Ā 

Consumer Tech

Could AI Be The Next Spielberg?

Did you ever happen to scroll into those viral Tom CruiseĀ deepfakesĀ on TikTok in 2022?Ā Imagine applying that same technology to major films, where what used to take hours and millions can now be done in seconds.

This is the same magic behind Metaphysic AI, featured in the upcoming blockbusterĀ Here, starring Tom Hanks. But if the film bags an Oscar, does the credit go to AI? Dive into this fascinating discussion below.


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Models are Ditching Stressful Casting for AI Deals

For millions of models, the traditional grind means endless wasted hours on casting calls, constant rejections, and a bag of stress. That's why so many have started embracing AI and selling their likeness to AI platforms for fashion campaigns and e-commerce sites.

Is it selling out? Hardly. It seems more like gaining flexibility, full creative control, and a lot more free time.


Walmart Has a New In-House Sustainability Expert: AI

It's almost comical to expect Walmartā€™s 2.1 million associates to know the exact moment bananas will ripen or when seasonal clothing should be marked down.

That's why Walmart has developed its in-house personal AI assistant. By advising on optimal times for product markdowns and reducing waste, this AI aims to prevent millions of tons of goods from ending up in landfills, translating into significant cost savings. The tool allows associates to scan items like bananas or apparel, and receive real-time, AI-generated advice on pricing adjustments or disposal options, enhancing both customer experience and Walmartā€™s sustainability efforts.Ā 

And that's your scoop for the week in the world of creative automation!

Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and insights as we step into the futurešŸ‘‹

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