Elon's AI Vision: Work Optional, Life Optimal?

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Things in AI world are moving fast, and while most of us are racing to master the latest tech skills, aiming to keep pace with our increasingly sophisticated digital peers, Elon is busy making bold predictions for the future.

We're crossing our fingers he might be close this time! 🤞

😇 What NOT to worry

  • That Bugatti SUV you can't afford? It's just a dream for now—your bank account can breathe easy.

  • Losing your mind on chatbots.

😢 What TO worry

  • The rapid evolution of technology means staying forever on your toes. Today's cutting-edge is tomorrow's ancient relic.


Amazon’s Revolutionary AI Tech Is More Human Than You Thought

“Sensors, cameras, and deep learning tools sense what a consumer takes off the shelf” was Amazon's secret to the promised checkout-free utopia of their Amazon Fresh grocery stores. But what was marketed as a game-changing AI was in reality a thousand or more low-paid Indian workers playing I-Spy with your shopping cart.

With the truth coming into light, Amazon is now rolling back on its Just Walk Out concept and instead pivoting to smart shopping carts. We’re all wondering the same thing… was it tech innovation or just a high-tech puppet show?


The Technoking (Elon Musk) Cheers as AI Threatens to Bench Us All!

If you are not familiar with Elon Musk's outlandishly out-of-pocket statements are you even living on Earth? At least this time he's keeping us optimistic.

His latest vision is an AI-fueled utopia where jobs are optional, thanks to a generous Universal Basic Income. According to Musk, robots handling the 9-5 while we bask in leisure isn't a sci-fi fantasy but an impending reality. It's a world where 'work' is a concept as outdated as dial-up internet, and our daily to-do list includes 'enjoy life' courtesy of AI's paycheck. While some might see Musk’s visions as chapters from a futuristic novel, he insists it's the blueprint for our next chapter and some early experiments on the concept have already proven successful.

Dreamy or deluded? You decide.

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RIP: Chatbots

Customer service agents are among the most volatile jobs at the moment, but traditional chatbots aren't that far behind... As generative AI steps into the chatroom, it's bringing a whole new level of chit-chat to the table. Smarter, sassier, and eerily more human-like than before, it allows for more natural user interaction, making it feel as though a personal assistant is there to understand them, rather than just providing one-dimensional, dry responses that never seem to suffice.

Explore more of the how in the article.


The AI-Designed Bugatti SUV That's Too Good to Be True

Imagine a world where Bugatti SUVs roam the streets—thanks to Cole Kessel and Midjourney and a bit of Photoshop AI, we almost can. This concept SUV is turning heads and sparking hope for a future where luxury knows no bounds. The only catch? It's purely imaginary.

Architecture & Design

Interview: The Architectural Renaissance of Matias Del Campo

Matias del Campo, the Chilean-born Austrian architect, designer, and educator, is not just imagining the future of architecture; he's building it with AI and computational design. From his roots intertwined with programming and art, del Campo is a modern-day Da Vinci, blending beauty and logic to reimagine our spaces.

Dive into the interview for insights into his new book Diffusions in Architecture: Artificial Intelligence and Image Generators, computational design, and much more on his groundbreaking approach to architecture.

And that's your scoop for the week in the world of creative automation!

Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and insights as we step into the future👋

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