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Apples, electricity and crystal balls… that’s what we have in store for you this week.

😇 What NOT to worry

  • Don’t lose sleep over needing a PhD for your competitive edge. Sam Altman dropped out of his Bachelor’s and he’s still making predictions that could change the world.

  • Worried about data breeches? Generative AI's boom in creative sectors is also brewing innovations in cybersecurity, so you can rest a bit easier.

😢 What TO worry

  • Start practicing your shocked face for when you hear how much energy AI is taking up.

  • AI-proofing your marketing skills.


Chat GPT Has a Growing Appetite for Electricity.

ChatGPT has been munching on electricity at a pace that's alarmingly turning heads—over half a million kilowatt-hours daily... And based on Nvidia's recently reported numbers it is estimated by 2027 the entire AI industry will reach 85 to 134 terawatt-hours (a billion times a kilowatt-hour) annually. And as AI dreams get bigger, so does the potential energy bill, threatening to outdo entire countries' consumption. As we marvel at AI's capabilities, the question not being answered is: Can our planet sustain this digital feast?

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Meta is building a giant AI model to power its entire video ecosystem

Meta is on the brink of revolutionizing how we binge-watch. Diving deep into the AI pool, it's crafting a singular, powerhouse AI model tailored to dictate every video recommendation on the platform—and yes, this includes your Instagram Reels. This move involves a sophisticated re-architecture of their systems and processes, but they've got grand plans for a “technology roadmap that goes to 2026.”


Sam Altman Predicts AI to Take Over 95% of Agency and Creative Marketing Tasks

Sam Altman may not own a crystal ball, but his credentials as CEO of OpenAI speak volumes. He posits that AI is on track to automate 95% of the tasks currently undertaken by marketing agencies and creatives. And while this may seem like just another prediction, it's not to be taken lightly. Klarna, a major payments company, already has one AI assistant replacing the 700 employees. So, could your job be next?


Generative AI in Creative Industries Said to Hit $21.6 Billion by 2032 

Generative AI in creative industries (ring any bells?) is not just passing through—it's setting up shop and transforming the game. Recent reports highlight that this AI infusion pumped a cool $1.7 billion into the industry in 2022 and is on track to skyrocket to $21.54 billion by 2032, boasting a CAGR of 29.6% from 2023 to 2032. But it's not all smooth sailing; the rise comes with its own set of challenges to navigate, particularly the looming threat of data breaches.


The New MacBook Air is AI's Finest! 

If Apple already thought they were the best, they've dared to get even cockier. With the arrival of their new M3 chips, which include a faster and more efficient 16-core Neural Engine, they've claimed that the new MacBook Air is the “world’s best consumer laptop for AI.” Talk about timely marketing. Whether you agree or not, Apple has already teased their own initiation of AI works, which will be announced "later this year."

And that's your scoop for the week in the world of creative automation! Keep learning, keep innovating and keep your curiosity as sharp as it gets. The AI boom is touching every part of the creative industry and we’re here to see you through it.

Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and insights as we step into the future👋

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