Can There Really Be Automation In Creativity? 🤔💭

Your Weekly Dive into Creative Tech

Can creativity and automation really click? 

Spoiler: It already has! 

As Generative AI advances and sophisticated language models continue to redefine tech capabilities, automation is transcending conventional boundaries.

Automation is not reserved for mechanical tasks with strong robot arms we used to think of, it has now seamlessly integrated with creativity, playing a pivotal role in content generation, problem-solving, and the nuanced world of content design.

Never met a Generative Content Designer? Get ready because you soon might be!

Now, let's dive into your weekly dose of creative automation industry updates.

From reshaping traditional roles to birthing brand-new creative gig opportunities, Generative AI is shaking things up and there is a lot to look forward to. The impact is profound, but the question lingers: What impact does Generative AI have on AIML professions, when can we expect to see these changes unfold, and what skills should we start building to stay competitive?

Pantone's Color of the Year 2024 is here, and it's the luscious Peach Fuzz! A velvety peach-beige that goes beyond aesthetics, embodying our shared desire for connection and care. But on the farther side of any trend or color wheel, Pantone's influence shapes design conversations worldwide. 

In a groundbreaking move for the creative automation landscape, CERM has announced a strategic partnership with HYBRID Software, designating them as the Premium Integration Partner. This collaboration aims to redefine and elevate prepress operations, a stage CERM believes to be the perfect starting point for automation, adding a substantial boost to automated workflow solutions tailored for the label and packaging printing industry.

A recent report by Industrial Physics sheds light on key opportunities for innovation. Material selection, manufacturing technology, and lightweighting take center stage, with a notable emphasis on sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. Testing new materials introduces challenges in meeting industry standards, but automation emerges as a driving force.

3M is back at CES, the global tech powerhouse, ready to unveil its game-changing innovations to the world. CES serves as the ultimate stage for groundbreaking advances in automotive, consumer electronics, sustainability, and more—a perfect platform for 3M to showcase its priority platforms and connect with customers, media, and investors. Discover how 3M is driving innovation, solving challenges, and creating a brighter future for all.

That wraps up this week’s roundup! More insights, trends, and innovation await in our upcoming dive into the world of creative automation!👋