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  • From Beauty to Cannabis: Exploring the Latest Creative Automation Trends! ⚡

From Beauty to Cannabis: Exploring the Latest Creative Automation Trends! ⚡

Your Weekly Roundup of Industry News!

As we dive into 2024, it's clear that the creative automation industry is off to a roaring start, with developments that are stronger than ever…

From the beauty sector's embrace of AI to the sizzling innovations in cannabis packaging and the email marketing revolution, tune into the latest updates below.

AI Is The New Black: A New Era For The Beauty Industry

Would you choose the traditional expertise of a human aesthetician or the precision and efficiency of a cutting-edge AI robot for your lash extensions? Stepping into 2024 the beauty industry is embracing AI's creative automation, from ChatGPT aiding in marketing strategies to AI art generators like Midjourney crafting stunning social media visuals and generative speech AI creating unique local accents. For beauty brands to stay ahead, one concept is key: experimentation.

Fast Fashion Belongs To Those Who Master AI 

Mastering AI is the new benchmark for success in fast fashion. Industry experts assert that AI's role in trend analysis and supply chain optimization is crucial. The call to designers: Integrate AI into your artistic vision for a personalized and planet-friendly approach and develop a comprehensive skill set combining technological finesse and creative ingenuity.

Go Daddy Leaps Into Email Automation to Empower Small Business Marketing

Every email counts for small businesses. 

GoDaddy's new Email Automation tool, part of its Websites + Marketing suite, is revolutionizing small business communication. Targeting the need for personalized communication in today's competitive environment, this innovative tool enables entrepreneurs to cut through the inbox clutter. It offers customizable templates and personalization options, ensuring a more engaging and memorable customer experience.

Is Automation The Biggest Opportunity For Printers in 2024? 

Jo Stephenson, Managing Director of PHD Marketing, reflects on the resilience of the UK print sector amidst economic instability. Despite challenges, there's a continued investment in technology, automation, and sustainability. Her anticipation for showcasing Industry 4.0's full potential reveals a future where technology and innovation drive the print industry forward.

Cannabis Packaging Rolls Into The Automation Wave

CME Automation Systems sparks cannabis packaging with their 'Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Pre-Roll Production.' In a booming legal cannabis market set to hit $57 billion by 2030, automated solutions are set to cuts costs, boost quality and branding consistency, and power cannabis production.

That wraps up this week’s roundup! More insights, trends, and innovation await in our upcoming dive into the world of creative automation! 👋