Apple's Ferret AI Digs Through Your iPhone

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A great day dawns for AI once again, with Apple soon able to read our iPhone screens and Spotify playing DJ in our minds.

Do we mind, do we not?

Either way, the future is coming fast towards us and the only way to embrace it is to stay aware and be prepared.

😇 What NOT to worry

  • Finding a new banger for your gym playlist.

  • Overpacking your lunch.

😢 What TO worry

  • Your iPhone knowing you better than you know yourself… but at least you won’t get lost in the Settings now.


How Mailchimp’s Marketing Team is Winning With AI & What They Have to Teach Us

Last fall, Intuit Mailchimp’s in-house squad, Wink (and yes, that’s their real name, not just a cheeky emoji), harnessed AI to skyrocket their campaign into the top 5% of Ipsos ads worldwide.

Thankfully, they’ve now cracked open their playbook to show how artificial intelligence was the MVP behind their strategy, accelerating productivity within the team and turning clever ideas into precision-targeted marketing masterpieces.

Every Healthcare IT Startup Needs a CTO

You’ve got a brilliant concept for a software-based AI product—maybe even a prototype or MVP. Now, scaling your business requires expertise in navigating all the software engineering and AI challenges. At Ententee, we provide the necessary infrastructure to develop great healthcare software products—engineering, design, AI experts and CTO-level guidance—for your business to successfully launch and scale. If you have the vision for a new AI healthcare product, Ententee has the dream team to help!


Apple’s Ferret AI Digs Deep Into Your iPhone

Apple has just let the Ferret out of the cage, and it’s not after your leftovers. Ferret-UI LLM, the latest AI from the tech giant is designed to read your iPhone screen better than you can after your third cup of coffee. This AI doesn’t just scroll—it understands, making it a potential core component of the much-whispered-about Siri 2.0.

Whether it becomes the new norm shaping our daily phone interactions or simply adds another layer to our shopping habits, one thing's for sure: your iPhone has never been quite this interesting.

UX Design

From Data to Design: The AI Revolution in UX Design

AI is transforming UX, enabling designers to craft personalized experiences and streamline processes with precision. From generating user-centric insights with attention prediction heatmaps to automating tedious aspects of design, AI isn't just helpful anymore… it's essential.

Explore how AI empowers designers to tackle creative challenges, enhance engagement, and deliver impactful user experiences.

Market Data

15 Statistics On How AI Will Be Feeding The Future

Ever wondered what goes into the packaging of your favorite fruit snack? The answer is a lot, and it's smarter and kinder to our planet thanks to AI-driven technology.

AI is is cutting waste by 50% through efficient production modelling and dramatically boosting production yields. With up to 60% lower inspection costs, over 90% of industry leaders are betting their chips on AI, embracing robots that handle everything from labeling to logistics, speeding up operations without breaking a sweat.

So, next time you tear open that perfectly sealed package, remember: there’s a good chance AI helped wrap that up for you.


Spotify’s AI Might Play Mind Games

With over 100 million tracks available on Spotify, finding that perfect new beat that you love isn’t the easiest thing in the world, leading us to sometimes stay in the comfort zone of our liked songs. But Spotify's mission has centered on helping users connect with new artists, and they've been leveraging AI to make this happen for over a decade.

Now, with more sophisticated algorithms that analyze everything from your skips to your repeats, Spotify's latest AI model is set to become your personal DJ, enabling you to explore a new world of sounds that Spotify already knows you'll love.

And that's your scoop for the week in the world of creative automation!

Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and insights as we step into the future👋

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