AI: The Artist's New Silicon Rival?

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As if the traditional artist's job wasn't tough enough—years of honing skills, securing rights, and moonlighting as a barista—here comes AI to add a splash of 'fun' to the mix.

Now, artists aren't just competing with each other but with machines that churn out masterpieces faster than a coffee machine pumps out espressos.

The AI revolution was never for the faint of heart. Now is the time to keep your friends close and your silicon foes closer—especially if you plan on keeping that artist gig.

😇 What NOT to worry

  • Not being able to visualize your favorite scene from the 50s.

  • Forget sweating over smudges and misprints. Relax and let Scodix’s AI worry about the details.

😢 What TO worry

  • Your voice being the star of a conference call you never attended.

  • Finding your unique painting style on sale without your name on it.

Artificial Intelligence

Will Humans Always Be The Center of AI? 

It's kind of surreal if you think about it... Here we are, flesh-and-bone creatures, hoping to harmonize with the digital minds we've birthed from circuits and code.

For many, including David Thompson, and Denis Lacasse, CEO and COO of Momentum Design Lab, this exactly is the question we need to focus on as we head into the future. To truly tap into AI's potential, they argue, it’s not enough to build the fastest or smartest systems, but  "develop AI-assisted systems that act as cooperative, intuitive companions for hard-working humans." 

Think less HAL 9000, and more helpful office mate.

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Artificial Intelligence

6 Things to Make You Say 'Wait, AI Can Do What Now?'

AI has come a long way in the last few years and it’s simplifying our lives in more ways than we can often imagine.

New AI tools are popping up left and right and while you were busy getting Chat GPT to say your favorite swear word, you might be missing out on some other fun developments. From recreating historical scenes with stunning accuracy to personalizing wedding invitations that capture your unique style, AI is a versatile tool always at your service way beyond text generation.


Print's New Best Friend: Scodix's AI-Driven Embellishment

Forget manual tweaks and guesswork in print embellishment. Scodix is unleashing its new AI-child that promises to lead the industry into the new tech era. The model reviews databases of Scodix-enhanced pages, automating the embellishment design process by analyzing existing designs and intelligently suggesting new design options.


Copycat or Creator? AI's Tug-of-War with the Art World

You thought this debate was going away soon?

In the red corner we’ve got human artists wielding their trusted brushes; in the blue, AI image generators crunching data at light speed. As artists see their styles replicated by thousands of AI-generated pieces without a dime in compensation, they find themselves sidelined. Meanwhile, the US Copyright Office? Well, they might as well be providing the background track—crickets.

Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI's New Voice Synthesizer Mimics You in Seconds

Ever wanted a clone to handle those tedious conference calls?

OpenAI might just have your back—and your voice.

Their new voice synthesizer can mimic anyone’s vocal chops after just 15 seconds of listening. Talk about an auditory double-take! While it's a technological marvel, it also opens a can of ethical worms. Is it the ultimate tool for personalized communication, or a shortcut to vocal identity theft?

A lot to think about this week, and even more to philosophize on.

Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and insights as we step into the future and don’t forget to give us your feedback on what you want to see more of in Creative Automation!


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